A certain freedom and generosity…… Vicar’s weekly thought

A certain freedom and generosity……

Today we will hear the ‘Parable of the Sower’.

I hope you can picture the scene as the farmer goes out into his field (perhaps on an early spring morning!) Indeed, do invite the Holy Spirit to help you re-imagine the event and the message Jesus was communicating to anyone who was listening. I see a certain freedom and generosity as the farmer carries a large seed bag out across the fields – they scattered by hand in those days. He doesn’t seem too bothered about where it goes, there’s no sense of the tightness and need for ‘assets to perform’ which we seem to have in our day. Even then, Jesus’s
listeners probably thought he was a rather carefree farmer (or worse!). The thing is, Jesus seems to want to tell us something about His Father. As he later explains, the seed is God’s Word. The seed, the Word, is certainly what God wants to say, but even more so to grow. That is seeds’ purpose – and God’s seed grows stuff! If you’ve experienced God speak anything into your life you’ll know the power of what He says to grow stuff, even stuff you weren’t expecting!

At our Annual Meeting, as we together think of our calling as Christians to ‘go out into the world’, we surely need that sense of freedom and generosity too. We cannot control what grows, what people will hear through our actions as well as our words, what God will do in other people’s lives as His seed gets out there. And as a Church, as more people begin to
contribute, they too will be spreading seed. It may not always fall in the right place, it may not seem ‘ideal’ (whatever that is!). But where hearts are wanting to be seed scattering farmers, let’s support each other in it, both through the ministries going on ‘at Church’, or as we set out into our daily fields carrying the bag of God’s seed for scattering – hopefully with the light
spirit the farmer Jesus spoke of had.