our history

accessory, beautiful, blossomAscension Church has been here since 1907 when the area was built. We’re all on one site with the hall built in 1969, an office and meeting rooms completed in 1998.

The Moravian Church up the road shut their building in 1999 and use our building on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights.

We had our Centenary in 2007 and decided to install a new sound and projection system, improve our lighting, and redecorate outside.

In 2011 we fitted out our Crypt as a Youth Centre, with its own loo, cooking facilities etc.

And in the summer 2016, we modernised and renovated our Church Hall. Other than a new kitchen, these are the first major works since it was built in 1969 (with the bare hands of many here at the time!). This facility, which is used extensively by this local community, has been renamed ‘The Ascension Gateway’.

We were originally planted by St. Michael’s Twerton and were re-teamed with them in 1981. The leaders of both churches and the Rose Cottage Community Centre support each other closely.