We seek to keep our Vision for following Christ at Ascension fresh.

So from time to time our leaders spend time together praying and asking about what directions we should take.

This is then shared with our Congregation through times of prayer, special days set aside, and regular worship.

In our most recent leaders time away we came home not with a ‘to do’ list, but with encouragement to be a Church where the Presence, Glory and Power of the Lord are known.

We hope this will affect what we are, and the way we do what we do, and will be what you find if you come to worship with us!

and Bath-wide

We are also part of Bath Deanery* and in 2016 have set ourselves 3 fresh vision goals under the Deanery banner ‘Everyone a Disciple’.

*The Deanery is the grouping of Anglican Churches from in and around Bath – see

These vision goals are:

1. Enabling deeper growth & discipleship, particularly in the encouragement of new and wider growth in ministry and help across the many parts of our Church’s life and work.

2. To see fresh spiritual ‘breakthrough’ across the generations – from generation to generation, right across our community. We hope to see this in the number of new people coming to faith in Christ, and faith coming alive again for those who already call themselves Christians.

3. To continue to enhance the quality and depth of our worship, that all who come among us may know the Presence, Glory and Power of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

How this all works out in practice we hope you can see by looking through the rest of our web-site, and coming to worship with us!

‘Come – you are very welcome. A place to be yourself, to be with God’