Ascension Rocks – Summer Holiday Club

Ascension Rocks – Summer Holiday Club

Ascension Rocks Holiday Club

Ascension Rocks
Holiday Club

This summer, we are running a holiday club – Ascension Rocks! It’s every Tuesday during the school holidays from 26th July to 30th August (except for 2nd August when it’s New Wine). The church and the garden will be open for primary school aged (4-11) children with their carers from 10am – 12pm (£1 per child). We will be following that with a picnic (you can bring it or buy it for £1), which will then lead into Ascension Springs, our baby and toddler group, which will continue running through the holidays.

The theme is WATER! We’re going to have a giant water slide every week, water games, crafts and water experiments, as we look at how much water takes an important role in the bible. Water can be life-giving – or destructive and dangerous!

We see the dangerous bit in stories such as Noah and the flood, the parting of the Red Sea (from the Egyptian charioteers’ point of view!), the disciples on a stormy sea in a boat, Peter walking on water.

The Bible even speaks of it as a place of chaos and death. Strangely, this is also recognized in the description of baptism – as a time when you are covered in water and you die to your old life. Yet in those times, when it feels that water overwhelm us, we can fix our eyes on Jesus and know that we can trust Him, that He will bring us through those trials and difficulties and will be walking with us through them. God clears our path and sets us free.

And then of course, we also need water for life; it is vital! After you have died to your old life in baptism, the Bible goes on to say how we then have a new life in Jesus. Many have said that, after their own baptism, they have felt a complete sense of freedom and of stepping forward into a new life. Jesus himself spoke of the Holy Spirit being poured out on all who believe in Him as a ‘river of living water’ bubbling up from their ‘innermost being’. This joy at the water of life found in Jesus is then continued in the book of Revelation, a picture of heaven. A great river of life, giving life and healing everywhere it flows. And sometimes we are aware heaven touches earth!

A6 ascensionRocks copy2(flat-back)2So do come – enjoy much water with your children this summer!

And finally we’re going to let the water flow, and celebrate the end of the holiday club with a proper baptism service on 4th September. See more where our Vicar Robert has written about all that.

Sarah Sanderson

Families & Children’s Worker

If you want to volunteer, on the day, providing cakes or junk, moving chairs etc. please see our weekly Notice Sheet for details (Ed.)

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