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Robert’s YouTube video for 21st Jan

Dear all,

I rather continue with further thoughts on following Christ in hard
times, on what it is to let things go and ‘to fix our eyes on Jesus’ (a
famous verse from Hebrews 12.2).

We (I!) find it hard, but He is the beginnning and the end, the place of
grace, where all else is uncertain ground.

Anyway, here’s the link, listen and see what you make of it!:



Robert’s YouTube video for 20th Jan

Good morning all,

This morning I start from praying for Christian prisoners, and where
they have told us they rest their hope.

Then I take us to the Lord who never grows faint or weary, from Isaiah
40.28-31, and end with the Good Shepherd and how no-one can snatch us
from his care in John 10.27-29.

Here’s the link:

And may the Lord be with you,


Sunday 17th Jan Service on YouTube

Dear all,

here then is the link to tomorrow morning’s Sunday worship

The theme is ‘Meetings with Jesus’ which have surprisingly (?!) proved to be significant for so many. It’s a tad longer at just under 50 minutes this week.

And we have our 2nd Sunday of links to children’s resources (which have also gone out to Sarah’s list of contacts, so sorry if you got this info twice!)

First, here’s the 2nd link to the ‘Virtual Sunday School’ channel –

this week’s release is on their site or just click on

I’ve already had feedback what fun they are (a la Sarah), so for those with kids, why not have a go together joining in the crafts, activities and action. It’s 11 minutes this week.

Blessings today as you worship, children or not!


Robert’s YouTube video for 16th Jan

Good morning all,

Today I invite you to pray for tomorrow’s worship, as we reflect on our
own ‘Meetings with Jesus’ and pray others may encounter Him too. And to
pray in the way Jesus prayed, reflecting on the 1st 2 lines of the
Lord’s Prayer which he gave his disciples in response to their question,
“Lord, how should we pray? Teach us Lord!”

Here’s the link:

Blessings in Christ today,


Robert’s YouTube video for 13th Jan

Good morning all,

You’ll need Psalm 20 in front of you this morning or whenever you watch
this. Is it a psalm of victory, or a cry for help?

Here’s the link:

Apologies to anyone watching this who is working in the NHS or as a
carer in the community, talking of being hardpressed I mentioned schools
and others, but didn’t mention you. You are in my thoughts and prayers
so much at the moment too….

Blessings today,


YouTube worship for Sunday 1oth Jan

Dear all,

as promised earlier today, here is the link to this Sunday’s worship

We are not open in person for worship as I explained earlier this week, for safety reasons with the high virus risk at the moment.

The theme is ‘Supporting and bearing with one another’. We are under many pressures and strains at the moment so how we love one another, and more importantly first receive God’s love for us, seems more vital than ever! We hope this encourages you.

NEW – as long hoped for some children’s resources, and we hope these are timely with many children staying at home!

First – a link to the ‘Virtual Sunday School’ channel: where you can find the latest weekly release. An English theatre group have been producing this, and it’s about 10-12 minutes long. It looks brilliant and certainly made me laugh too! Designed (a bit like Sarah’s were up to August) for parents and children to view together, join in the crafts, activities and action. It’s also gone out more widely to the families Sarah has links with and got her videos

Second – Activities for children in the week: This week my wife Margaret invites children to make some ‘Encouragement Cards’. The template is attached (for the front of cards) and here’s the link to a short video where Margaret explains:

Every month (approx) we take round paper information packs to those not on email or who cannot so readily open attachments etc. Sometimes we’ve taken cakes, then mince pies. This time we’d like to include some cards from the children so, if you can get any done and dropped through the Vicarage letter box by Wednesday night that would be great and they can go out with the packs from Thursday. We’ll take pictures of them before they go and show some of them to you next week.

For future weeks, we have subscribed to a weekly ‘magazine’ pack of activities and worksheets to do at home, so we’ll be sending them out to you.

We’re still on the hunt for youth resources…..

Blessings today as you worship, and children get a chance again.