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Robert’s Youtube video for 1st July

Good morning all,

Here is the link to today’s reflection:

We continue in the Psalms (77 this morning) with some very honest words
indeed, but also a call to remember the stories of God’s goodness,
however patiently we have to wait for them.

Blessings today,


Sunday 28th June Youtube Service

Here is the link to this morning’s worship which will be published at 9.30 am this morning:

The theme is ‘God’s Priorities!’. The service is a few minutes longer this morning as we had quite a few contributors!

Here are the links for the children.  Sarah says, they are based on Mark 12 v 28-30.  What is God’s priority for our lives?  He says the most important thing is “Love the Lord you God with all you heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbour as yourself”.  Everything else we do should come out of these 2 commandments.

Shaggy Dog (preschool singing):

EPIC (Sunday School): is a link to some youth sessions:
This is from St Luke’s (who we’ve had youth links with in the past). Eden, the youth worker at St Luke’s, explains more during the service so you can all see. I’ll include this link each week so young people can access it from here.

Robert’s Youtube video for 24th June

Good morning everyone,

Here is the link to this morning’s reflection

Following the news that churches can open for public worship from 4th
July (we’ve not even had the guidelines yet!), I reflect on God’s grace
and power shown in our weakness.

Blessings in Christ today,


Sunday 21st June Youtube worship

I hope you have survived all the rain and are looking forward to the heat this week!  Here are the links for today, which I hope you enjoy and are able to use to engage with God.  As Robert has taken a few days off I, Sarah, am leading it.  We have a few children and different adults appearing and our archdeacon, Adrian is speaking on loving others as we come out of lockdown (EPIC and Shaggy Dog are also based on this theme).  I have tried out 3 different ways of doing the worship songs on the video so please sing very loudly over the 1st one as it became more out of tune as I uploaded it!!!

Main Service:

EPIC (Sunday School):

Shaggy Dog (preschool singing):

Robert’s Youtube Video for 16th June

Good morning all,

Here then is the 2nd of 2 Morning Reflections on reshaping Mission. Here
is the link

Margaret and I are taking a few days off, including this Sunday – when
Archdeacon Adrian will be speaking and Sarah hosting.

So the next of these reflections will not be until Tuesday 23rd or
Wednesday 24th.