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December Family Activities at Ascension

Sunday 1st 10:30am Church and EPIC (Godly play)

Friday 6th 5:30-7:30pm Christmas Market Join us for an evening of yummy food, stalls filled with beautiful gift ideas and the choir!

Sunday 8th 10:30am Church with EPIC

Sunday 15th 10:30am Church with EPIC (‘What’s in the Bible?’ DVD)

4:30-6pm Ascension Springs Plus – God’s Elect (Sunday gathering – games, discussion, chat and tea)

Saturday 21st 10am Christingle making in the hall, followed by church Christmas tree decorating

Sunday 22nd 10:30am Church All-age Simply Christmas (youth led service) with Bacon (&egg) butties from 10am

Tuesday 24th 6pm Christingle Service

Wednesday 25th 10am Christmas Day Celebration (festive refreshments before service)

Sunday 29th 10:30am Church with activity tables

Thursday 2nd January 10am-12pm Ascension Springs cafe with post-Christmas activities for children

Every Thursdays 9:30-11:30 Ascension Springs Cafe in church – coffee, cake, bacon sandwiches etc. (not 26/12)

Keep up to date on Facebook: Ascension Gateway More details contact Sarah: / 07779 781465

Longing for Joy – Vicar’s weekly thought for 1st Dec

This Advent and Christmas, and then into the New Year through Epiphany, we will be speaking under the heading, ‘from longing to finding – a journey’. There are many things all of us deeply long for, but then many of us have discovered moments when in Christ we find we can say, “We found!” The full set of themes is set out inside, but we begin Advent with ‘Longing for Joy’. Every now and then Margaret and I say, “I feel like prince, like a princess!” Jesus speaks over and over again of inviting us to his feast, his table of joy. And it seems his favourite was a wedding feast. In some ways it’s only hinted at (as in today’s parable) but by the last book of the New Testament, Revelation, it’s full scale:

‘And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem,

coming down from God out of heaven

like a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.’ [1]

Life seems tough, there’s a lot of waiting, a lot of persistence, a lot of faith required. Joy may sometimes seem far off, but God in his love has made our hearts for joy, and we long for it to ‘come up through the cracks’ as several Christian writers have put it. I long to know that joy of Christ, his joy over us indeed. May His Joy come to us. Amen Lord Jesus. Come!

[1] Revelation 21.2

Christ the King – Vicar’s weekly thought 24th Nov

Christ the King

In these uncertain times, there seem to be lots of questions buzzing around to which there are no clear cut answers. What is going to happen to us, our families, our community and our country? Will our next set of leaders be trustworthy, keep their promises, really listen to what people are saying, respect and value everyone from the homeless guy on the streets, the asylum seeker to the high powered executive? Do they really want to serve others or their own self interests? We know that no leaders can ever fulfil all our expectations, because they are not perfect, they are people like us who make mistakes and get things wrong.

But what if, there is someone who ‘came not to be served but to serve others.’1 Christ our Servant King, who loves to listen to you, who values you, who tells us that ‘the very hairs on your head are all numbered.’2   Someone who has plans for you. ‘For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Isn’t that someone you would want to give your allegiance to, to worship as your King.

1. Mark 10:45, 2. Luke 12:7, 3. Jeremiah 29.11

Going forward this weeks Vicar’s thought

Going forward

St. Paul wrote in today’s reading, ‘I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me.’ [1] What a strange thing to say! About us possessing perfection, and being possessed by Christ. What does it mean? We’re far from likely to reach perfection, nor am I sure I want to be owned by anyone! Last week at Remembrance we spoke of the immense, immense love of God towards us, from which nothing can separate us, not even the powers of hell. A reluctant convert to Christ was recently writing about the many promises and commitments we seem to be asked to make in our day, but then asked, ‘what if there is a creature of infinite love who has made a promise to us?’ He asked us to ’consider the possibility that we are the ones committed to’, and what is more that it is ‘a commitment to redeem us and bring us home’? [2] As we hear the call of this loving Lord to go forward with Him, both as a Church and in our own lives, to respond to his calling to us – what if He is the One who promises to present us faultless before the throne of grace? What if He is the One who comes to take hold of us with his deep, deep love? Will we not say ‘Yes’ to his ‘Yes’ to us?

[1] Philippians 3.12 [2] David Brooks New York Times Columnist (‘reluctant’ is my interpretation!)

Love….and the powers of hell – Vicar’s weekly thought

Love….and the powers of hell

Remembrance Sunday is a difficult day….that’s not just me saying that. As the day has approached lots of you have said how tough it is. Wars, and rumours of wars, untold suffering not just for the direct combatants, but all and any caught up in its repercussions – just think of refugees in our day. Many also ask me, how can there be a God who says He is love in the face of all that? Today’s key verses are these: Of this I am convinced – that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. Do you notice that St Paul, and Jesus too, didn’t avoid the question of the very powers of hell – in the same breath as speaking of God’s love? I can’t work it out, but it is in the very place of difficulty, suffering and evil that we are most likely to find the powerful love of God. God’s love is far from easily overcome, indeed is more powerful than anything else we will ever discover. It led Christ to his own sacrifice on a cross. God’s heart of love wants to reach out to us too, in our past memories, our present struggles and our future plans. I pray you may hear, sense, discover something of His love this very day, however He may come to you – even as we Remember.

November Family Activities at Ascension

Sunday 3rd 10:30am Church with EPIC

Sunday 10th 10am Croissants in Church

10:30am All Age Remembrance Parade Service

Wednesday 13th 11am-12pm Bible study at my house

Sunday 17th 10:30am Church with “What’s in the Bible” DVD in the Crypt

4:30-6pm Ascension Springs Plus (Sunday gathering – games, crafts, discussion, chat and tea)

Sunday 24th 10:30am Church with EPIC

4pm Film in the Crypt

Friday 6th December Ascension Christmas Market

Every Tuesday and Thursday prayer in the church 8:30 – 9am

Every Thursday 8:30-11:30 Ascension Springs Cafe in church – coffee, cake, bacon butties etc.

Keep up to date on Facebook: Ascension Gateway More details contact Sarah: / 07779 781465

(EPIC – is our name for children’s church – usually includes lively songs, games, stories and craft to get to know God)

Do you see the Harvest? – this week’s Vicar’s thought

Do you see the Harvest?

If Jesus said, ‘the Harvest is plentiful, is great’ might he just be right? I
sometimes wonder if it’s just that we don’t see the harvest, not that it isn’t
there (you could say, ‘Lift up your eyes unto the fields rather than to the
hills!’). You see Jesus also said, ‘the Kingdom of God is near (or among) you’!
He might just be right again! And the Kingdom of God is a beautiful,
grace-filled, peaceful place of blessing. If you have found Christ, you will at
times have seen just how true that is, how real that is. But if you’re anything
like me you may also have frequently lost sight of that reality!

I think Jesus is saying, there is a deep thirst for the Lord and his love out there, for his peace and healing, for reconciliation. These are the things we as human beings long for; and yes, in his Kingdom all these things are found! They are what Jesus came to release into our world by his death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Until the last day, yes we will indeed ‘see as through a glass darkly’ to quote from St Paul’s famous writings on love in 1 Corinthians 13. But these things of his Kingdom are deeply real nonetheless, and when we catch sight of them, when those we seek to bring Christ’s love to catch sight of them, they are all they promised to be and more. So how do we share the peace and blessings of Jesus’ Kingdom? This is our question for today as we hear how
Jesus sent out 72 of his disciples to go ahead of him.

To believe or not to believe….. Vicar’s weekly thought 13th Oct

To believe or not to believe…..

Now there’s an interesting thing, ‘the angel of the Lord came and sat beneath the great tree at Ophrah…..’, well I’d be interested anyway!

He’s come and is waiting to speak to Gideon son of Joash (he of the putting out of the fleece to test the Lord, if you know the story). Gideon is going to be called to rescue the people of Israel from under ‘the Midianites’ who are continually harassing the people of God; and Gideon (called Mighty Hero by the angel – “yea right!” he may think) is undoubtedly going to doubt whether this is at all possible, and certainly whether he’s the man for the job.

And then there’s ‘doubting’ Thomas, who despite all the other disciples saying they’d seen the Risen Lord that first Easter, famously says, “I won’t believe it unless I see for myself the nail wounds in his hands…..” And like Gideon’s angel, the Lord Jesus comes to see Thomas. Jesus has heard what Thomas has said…… Both men are finally persuaded and set off to do the very things the Lord is calling them too – Gideon to free the people from the Midianites, Thomas by tradition to bring the Good News of Jesus to the people of India. I find this very encouraging. The Lord knows us doubts and all, he knows who we are, how we are, what makes us tick – and it doesn’t put him off! No, He comes, explains, calls, says have faith in Me after all, and that’s OK with him. Yes, as Jesus finishes by saying to Thomas, “You’ve seen me and believed, but blessed are those who believe without seeing me.” But he comes to bless and use those of us who doubt too – in spades!

October Family Activities at Ascension

Friday 4th 6 – 9:30pm Hoedown (family American dancing with supper in between sets – come for all or half, see separate leaflet)

Sunday 6th 10am Bacon & Egg Butties in Church

10:30am All Age Harvest Parade Service

Wednesday 9th 11am-12pm Bible study at my house

Sunday 13th 10:30am Church with EPIC

Sunday 20th 10:30am Church with “What’s in the Bible” DVD in the Crypt

4:30-6pm Ascension Springs Plus (Sunday gathering – games, crafts, discussion, chat and tea)

Sunday 27th 10:30am Church with activity tables

Every Tuesday and Thursday prayer in the church 8:30 – 9am

Every Thursday 8:30-11:30 Ascension Springs Cafe in church – coffee, cake, bacon butties etc.

Keep up to date on Facebook: Ascension Gateway More details contact Sarah: / 07779 781465

(EPIC – is our name for children’s church – usually includes lively songs, games, stories and craft to get to know God)

Harvest Celebrations: at Ascension

Harvest Celebrations: Do come and be with us, perhaps for the 1st time!

Hoedown – Friday 4th October 6 – 9:30pm+ American style barn-dancing with supper in between sets – come for all or half – Harvest Hoedown 2019 (poster)  for full details re tickets, food etc. The band ‘Jumping Chickens’ have been before – we loved them, and they loved us!

Do bring Harvest gifts of dried and tinned foodstuffs for Bath FoodBank –
a list of their current priority needs can be found here FoodBanks request this Harvest 2019

Harvest Parade – Sunday 6th October 10.30 am with Bacon Butties, coffee etc in the Hall from 10 am. This is an All-Age service – we creatively worship, pray and listen, in ways that all ages can be part of (or just watch if you want to!).

Harvest Thanksgiving – Sunday 6th October 7 pm We are putting together an evening service with the emphasis on Thanksgiving, for harvest yes, but many things in our lives. The choir will be specially singing some music as part of the mix of hymns, readings and prayer. NB there will be no 9 am service with a service in the evening

We will be giving thanks at our Harvest Services for our responses to ‘Giving for the Future’ and offering them to the Lord

Honour each other, this week’s vicar’s thought

Honour each other

From where we stand, we find it difficult to see just how Jesus turned the world of his day upside down (although perhaps we need to relearn the lessons!). We’ve already heard St Peter honour slaves on an equal footing to kings. He was following in his master’s footsteps – Jesus treated those who were the least with the same honour as the high and mighty, in fact probably gave more honour to the least. In Roman times this was particularly noted by the authorities as slaves turned to Christ in huge numbers. Although we also have records of high up members of Caesar’s household becoming Christians, and sharing fellowship with slaves…….. imagine…..!!

What has this to do with today’s subject, how wives and husbands relate to each other in Christ?

St Peter starts his bit on this, ‘In the same way….’ It is deeply about honouring of each other, in ways I hope I can explain in my talk. There is much wisdom here that is extremely relevant today, particularly in a world where women are often still the ones set upon, and indeed men can often feel they’ve lost their way too. Finally, Peter moves on to the way we should honour each other whoever we are, and beyond that inviting us to pay back those who insult us with a blessing instead. There is much underlying shame to our actions when we ‘screw up’ in the way we treat each other. We may not be able to explain it consciously, and certainly not admit it, but feel somewhere along the line we have failed each other and be unsure how to do better. Fortunately we follow a Saviour who came to take away our shame and bring us into a place of transforming forgiveness.