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Sunday 24th May Ascension Sunday Youtube service

Dear all,

Here then is the link for this morning’s worship

It will go live at 10 am – please remember to switch on subtitles if they don’t appear automatically

Here too are the links for the children’s sessions from Sarah:

EPIC (Sunday school)

Shaggy Dog (preschool singing)

Blessings in Christ,


Robert’s Youtube video for 23rd May

Good morning all,

Here is the link for this morning’s reflection, ‘I would that the Lord
would put his Spirit upon all God’s people’ – Numbers 11.29

And do join us for Worship tomorrow, Ascension Sunday morning, which
will be posted at 10 am. I will send you the link, plus the links to
Sarah’s sessions for EPIC (primary age children), and Shaggy Dog (for

There will also be an invitation to come to ‘Zoom Coffee’ for 11.30 am –
we had problems connecting last week (which was fun its own way I
think!) as there were problems nationally with Zoom last Sunday.
Hopefully we’ll have a smooth run this week!!



Youtube Sunday worship 17th May

Good morning all,

Here then is the link to this morning’s worship, which will be available from 10 am onwards.

For most of you subtitles should automatically be on, but for some they’re still not appearing, so do check your TV or device has them enabled before you start.

And here are the links from Sarah to EPIC (for primary age children) and Shaggy Dog (for pre-schoolers)

EPIC: Dog:

Our love and prayers for you all,