Baptisms & Confirmations

Baptisms & Confirmations

(4th September & 5th November)

SarBatism Waterah has explained how we plan to celebrate the end of the holiday club with a baptism service on 4th September. So, just to explain what we are offering and praying for!

At the 10.30 am service on 4th September, we invite all who are old enough to answer for themselves, and who wish to be baptized at this time, to consider taking the opportunity on this day. We already have some families with infants who will be having them baptized that day.

The plan is to have 2 preparation sessions in the couple of weeks before the baptism service for any who wish to be baptized, alongside the parents of those babies. The invitation is also extended to any who wish to renew their baptism promises, for instance where they have taken on their own commitment to follow Christ since they were baptized in their early years.

AngelInfants will be baptized by sprinkling, those answering for themselves by full immersion if possible, and those renewing their vows will (as one bishop put it) just get very wet!

We then plan to carry on towards Confirmation, joining in the ‘giant’ service at Wells Cathedral on Saturday 5th November at 2 pm (you can get home for a different kind of fireworks!). More preparation sessions will be held, which anyone already baptized and wishing to join in will be welcome to join in with those going on from 4th September baptisms.