Baptized into One Kingdom – Vicar’s weekly thought

Baptized into One Kingdom

What is the Kingdom of Christ?

The Kingdom of the One who the Bible says is sovereign over all?

As we baptize another child today, we bear witness to that Kingdom. We hope and pray many more will be baptized into that Kingdom in the coming year – children, young people and adults alike! We will hear a beautiful description of that Kingdom today, in a reading from Colossians about the ‘clothes’ we are to wear as we live for the King – tender-hearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience and forgiveness, and above all love. And we are promised that we will find it a Kingdom of true peace and thankfulness. Now in the face of what happens to us, and around us in our world, that may seem rose-tinted wishful thinking!. But no! During Advent we are reminded how Jesus also spoke clearly about really tough things too (see our other reading from Luke about roaring seas and strange tides!).

We are preparing  for Christmas, when we proclaim He has come among us with great love, but also to establish a Kingdom of truth and justice that will never end. These are great, as well as beautiful truths to which we as Christians are called to hold and bear witness to in the face of a world that often thinks very differently, and where all kinds of events press in on us.