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Sunday 18th April Service on YouTube

Hello to all for this beautiful Sunday (I think it’s going to be anyway!)
Our worship tomorrow is on the theme ‘You are witnesses of all these things…’, very interesting again!

Here is the link:
It’s 48 minutes long this week. As usual, it will be posted at 9.30 am tomorrow.

It seems a long road doesn’t it – but at least we are starting to think and pray about being back in church with everyone May 16th onwards! – we’ll finally be deciding at our PCC at the end of April.

If you are coming to our short service at Church at 10.30 am tomorrow just to say it will be an Easter Communion again. Our Covid safe capacity is 35 but we seem OK numbers-wise without running a booking system for now.

For children,Virtual Sunday School are having a week off this week (they must be tired too, new baby and all).

And for youth, well there’s no input/teaching video, but there is a really fun one of those drawing videos with Eden, Mikali and Kieren – see

My love and prayers in Christ

Sunday 11th April Service on YouTube

Hello to all for this Sunday – the 2nd one of Easter
Our worship tomorrow is under the heading ‘Afraid, and not believing’ and covers the famous Easter story of ‘doubting’ Thomas.
We have Archdeacon Adrian speaking again, which is really great!

Here’s the link:     It’s 46 minutes long this week .

It will be posted at 9.30 am as usual. This online service continues as our main act of worship until Ascension Sunday May 16th, when we hope as many as can will be able to return to physically be at Church.
We are, however, holding short services at Church at 10.30 am at the moment for those who want to come. We have a safe capacity of 35 but after last week we don’t think we need to run a booking system for now.

For children,here’s the link to Virtual Sunday School for this week:

And for youth, it doesn’t seem there’s anything from St Luke’s this week as Eden and his helpers are probably taking a post-Easter break themselves

My love and prayers

Easter Sunday service on YouTube

Hello to all for this Easter Day! with love in Christ!Our worship tomorrow of course celebrates our Lord Jesus rising from the dead – but is called ‘Shocked’! What the Lord does in our lives can still be very surprising!

Here’s the link:      It’s 45 minutes long this week .

It will be posted at 9.30 am tomorrow as usual as our main act of worship, even though some of you are coming to a short service at Church.

For children,here’s the link to Virtual Sunday School for this week: It includes actual egg rolling!

And for youth, there’s a new video for this week from St Luke’s Bath, on Why am I not seeing the change and miracles that I want to see in my life?

Here’s the link: h?v=0ieYrzTJV2w

May we truly rejoice indeed together tomorrow, at home online, or physically in church.Robert

PS – don’t forget to come and get Easter nests for any children, with the standing jelly baby in the middle! – available when we’re open tomorrow and from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm when we’re open on Monday

Robert’s YouTube reflection for Easter Saturday

Dear all,

Here is my reflection for Holy Saturday, the day of tears, the day of in
between times.

Please note (I don’t say) the last quote if from Hebrews 12 (v 1 & 2 I
do say)

Please also not I won’t be doing reflections next week. After that,
under the hand of the Holy Spirit, I will review whether to carry these
on or not, now we are starting to return to Church.

Blessings this in between day,


Robert’s Good Friday YouTube reflection

Dearest all,

I have recorded reflections at the Cross in church this time. They will be released at 12 noon and last 23 minutes.

Some may want to watch them at some point during the 3 hours from noon when darkness fell across the land until 3 pm, when it is recorded that Jesus died.

Here is the link:

To also remind you, if you want to watch 6 of us carry 3 crosses to the top of Twerton Roundhill from 11.30 am, it is being streamed live on St Barnabas’ FaceBook page at:

Blessings in the love of Christ today,


Robert’s Holy Week YouTube video for 1st April

Dear all,

I hope you can stay with us through all this – Jesus’ story of his final
week seems very harsh this year…….. (did we miss how harsh it was

And yet, he did it all for us, went through it all for us and for our

Anyway, here’s the link, and hope to ‘see’ you on Zoom at our service
this evening at 8 pm (final details sent round by email to you yesterday)

Blessings in Christ,


Robert’s Holy week YouTube video for 29th March

Dear all, as we begin this week of reflection and worship on the love of
our Lord Jesus Christ for us all, and for the whole world.

We are using Mark’s Gospel right through this week.

Here is the link to this morning’s reflection on the Anointing by Mary
at Bethany (and indeed Judas’s final decision to betray Jesus).

Blessings in Christ this week particularly as we walk the Way with Jesus,


YouTube Palm Sunday Service 28th March

Greetings again for with the info for this Sunday’s Worship,

It’s Palm Sunday and we begin Holy Week….. I sent you all the details of what will be available worship and reflection-wise earlier today….. I hope you can pick up in some way on what it’s all about…..
Tomorrow our question is: Who is this King?

and here’s the link:
As usual the service will be posted at 9.30 am tomorrow. It’s 45 minutes long this week.

For children,here’s the link to Virtual Sunday School for this week, which is really quite cool (involving donk

And for youth, there’s just a drawing challenge this week They can only manage a spiritual input video every other week at the moment
Praying this week coming week may change you….. and me…..