Caught up in the Crowd – Vicar’s weekly thought

Caught up in the Crowd

Would we have been any different? Cheering our hearts out in the crowd, as this amazing miracle working man came into the capital city of Jerusalem, riding on a donkey – as prophesied long ago of their coming King! Or less than a week later, when things hadn’t worked out as even his closest followers had expected, either abandoning him or baying for his blood……? We see such emotions enacted in many a fantasy film. Except this is not fantasy, but actually happened – and similar betrayals, reverses of fortune, and the apparent victory of evil, continue to happen in our day. Yet Jesus pressed on through it all, with ultimate trust in his Heavenly Father’s power to bless – even if it meant going through the cross. And as Jesus was raised from the dead, and poured out his Holy Spirit, his disciples became unashamed ‘blessers’ of others too, even in the face of everything that was to come against them in turn. Jesus said he served a different Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven – an ultimately more powerful and gracious Kingdom than the kingdoms that frequently sway us. Will you believe and trust in Jesus Christ and ‘His redeeming blood, and try His works to do’?