‘Church as the Holy Temple’ – this weeks Vicar’s thought 1st March

The church is often seen as a home for people, which is true, but before we can speak of it as a home for people, we need to begin with God. The church is God’s dwelling place, a home for God, a Holy Temple. What we do flows from who we are, who we are flows from whose we are. At the start of Lent we remember Jesus’ baptism in Matthew 3.13-16. His ministry is launched with his baptism and the public encounter with the God the Father and the Holy Spirit. His ministry flowed from knowing who he was and whose he was. This encounter was critical for Jesus and his ministry, so how much more so do we as the body of Christ need to experience the dwelling of God in our gatherings. At his baptism Jesus experienced three things:

1. Affirmation of identity

2. Intimacy with the Father

3. The empowering of the Holy Spirit.

As a holy temple or home for God, we can and should expect to experience these three things when we meet. Is God at home in your midst? Do you experience his presence in these three ways? How open are you to encountering Him?