Confidence – Vicar’s weekly thought


A very experienced teacher (aka Clare Hudson!) asked me this week, can we teach, can we learn? Most of us get into a place where we think the answer is ‘No’! Not much changes in me, let alone me help others to learn! “Hang on a minute”, she said, “can you teach someone to change a plug, make a cake?”

The answer is of course we can! In fact we’re passing things on all the time, and being shaped ourselves by things that come our way. What’s this got to do with confidence? Well, if you’ve let
Christ teach you, if you’ve started putting down roots into what He says….. stand back and look. He has begun to change you! And what you are becoming will be influencing others around you too – from your children, to your colleagues, to what your neighbours see. The deeper rooted we become through turning to listen to Jesus, the more confident we will become – that we are loved more than we knew, that we can trust Him in whatever storm comes our way, we will uncover the truth of His love that ‘All will be well, all manner of things shall be well’ [1] . We will
discover (and perhaps be surprised by!) God’s immense goodness – which many do not see – and grow in confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ’s love for us and knowledge of us.

1 Mother Julian of Norwich c1342-c1416