Dear Lord…. – Vicar’s weekly thought

Dear Lord….

Perhaps you know Jesus parable (story) of the lost sheep? There’s a whole flock of 100, but one has gone missing, really missing and is stuck somewhere it’ll take some finding. It struck me just how that sheep might have felt, what it might have thought….. Who on earth will find me here? It’s way out of the way! Is anyone even looking for me? And what will happen to me if they’re not? In our modern day real sheep still get caught in fences somewhere out in the hills – and panic!! Then they get sick, and finally die. Gosh!

Our theme for today is ‘God loves me even when….I am lost and sick’. I hope you can see the point. Jesus tells us He is out looking, and he will keep looking until he finds that sheep. And when he finds it he’ll carry it home on His shoulders, with what? Crossness, or reluctance? No – with great joy! It matters to Him to find any who are lost and sick, which will apply to all of us at some point in our lives – none of us are immune. He is the One about whom this is unshakeably true – He himself looks for us with a heart that will never give up.