Do you see the Harvest? – this week’s Vicar’s thought

Do you see the Harvest?

If Jesus said, ‘the Harvest is plentiful, is great’ might he just be right? I
sometimes wonder if it’s just that we don’t see the harvest, not that it isn’t
there (you could say, ‘Lift up your eyes unto the fields rather than to the
hills!’). You see Jesus also said, ‘the Kingdom of God is near (or among) you’!
He might just be right again! And the Kingdom of God is a beautiful,
grace-filled, peaceful place of blessing. If you have found Christ, you will at
times have seen just how true that is, how real that is. But if you’re anything
like me you may also have frequently lost sight of that reality!

I think Jesus is saying, there is a deep thirst for the Lord and his love out there, for his peace and healing, for reconciliation. These are the things we as human beings long for; and yes, in his Kingdom all these things are found! They are what Jesus came to release into our world by his death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Until the last day, yes we will indeed ‘see as through a glass darkly’ to quote from St Paul’s famous writings on love in 1 Corinthians 13. But these things of his Kingdom are deeply real nonetheless, and when we catch sight of them, when those we seek to bring Christ’s love to catch sight of them, they are all they promised to be and more. So how do we share the peace and blessings of Jesus’ Kingdom? This is our question for today as we hear how
Jesus sent out 72 of his disciples to go ahead of him.