Exercising the Mind before God – Vicar’s weekly thought

Exercising the Mind before God

You meet them every so often – a godly man or woman who wisdom just seems to surround. I hope you’ve realized that doesn’t happen by accident! It happens because that person has allowed God to direct their thoughts and hearts over many years. And how does God do that?! Again and again I’ve come to realize that the Word of God written in the Bible has an amazing power – the Holy Spirit uses it to shape us, shape our minds, to build up our wisdom. It is not, repeat not, through a gathering of bits of wisdom from here and there. No, it is through hearing what is written there in the Scriptures, and through starting to understand how it applies to what happens around us. Some have called it a revolutionary book! Yes, it takes using our minds, it takes often deep questioning, and it takes discernment and application. As we work it through in our own minds, we can then also share it with others (as such godly people tend to do!). Through it we start to get to the heart of the matter. Jesus himself was so versed in the Old Testament Bible, had so weighed and tested it, that when asked what was at the heart of it, could say with authority words we use still regularly today, “Hear O Israel. The 1st commandment is this…..” (read on in today’s Gospel!)