Janet Savala – My Experience in Wales on the WALK ST DAVID Mission

Janet SavalaMy Experience in Wales on the WALK ST DAVID Mission at St Martin’s Laugharne and Llansadwrnen- Sat 18 Sept-Sun 26 Sept.

I planned to go on the mission on 17 Sep because I had not been to Wales before. I was worried about the transport. I prayed for finance towards my journey. A day before  I bought my train ticket one team  member whom I had not met phoned me and introduced herself as Gill .She asked  how I was travelling. She told me she was travelling on the same day and she offered me a lift to Wales

Gill drove from Cirencester and picked me from my door to go to Wales. On the way we talked about Christianity and how I come to know about TFM (Through Faith Ministries – web-site) The journey took us five hours; before we reached our destination, we decided to stop and find ourselves food to eat. I had a take-away that I ate in the car. Gill ate bread and fruit.

The whole journey we talked over many things; it was as if we were old friends. One of the things we talked about was the very small sum of £21.00 which was supposed to last each one of us a whole week! Gill had been to missions many times and she said that from all her missions she had brought back some change and she reassured me I would also have some change at the end of the mission. Indeed I brought home £18.00 plus the £10.00 that the Vicar gave me.

We arrived at St Clears and we prayed and started looking for the address for our host. While we were still looking for the house we saw our team leader driving a green car. This was Martin – he introduced himself and said he was happy to see us and he told us about an informal meeting of all members to meet at a certain pub. We excused ourselves as we were tired after travelling and he helped us to find the house of our hosts Sean and Paul. When we got there he had a brief talk with us and the couple gave us a warm welcome. Sean had prepared dinner for us and after a prayer we were served with a delicious meal. The same night three more team members arrived – Heather and her husband, and another lady. A lady from another team came to see us too. We stayed together as sisters. After three nights we moved to stay with Margaret for the rest of our mission.

It was a tremendous experience seeing God at work. My first day of door to door visits was not a good one. No-one seemed to want to know God personally.  However there were reports of good news from other team members, of people coming to the Lord, and as the days went by, more people came to the Lord. My time came when the Lord led us to a lady of 81 years. It was my turn to share the word, how to know God personally and she accepted Jesus as her personal saviour.

Another day after a Mothers’ Union meeting, an elderly woman asked me to pray for her to receive the Holy Spirit.  In my Christian life I never prayed for a person to receive the Holy Spirit. I asked the Lord how to pray and the word came  me to read  Matthew 16 v 15-19. This word tells her and others ‘Upon this rock I will build my church’ and we prayed.

Other activities included litter picking, school assembly, door to door visits, pub visits, car boot  sales. These activities gave us opportunities to meet people. We had good conversations with people talking about Christianity .

To me the mission was work, play and enjoyment in living in a Christian community. I joined the dance in the community, watched rugby at a local rugby club and here I met people and had the opportunity to talk about Christianity. I made new friends in Christ.

Janet bravely stepped out as the only member of our Church to go on this Mission (you may remember the recruiting team that came here last February). She told me it was ‘well outside her comfort zone’. But you can tell as you read, what an effect it had on her. The last chapter of a book on Mission that I read recently was entitled ‘When the Wine Runs Out’. It explained how overwhelming this kind of stepping out can be (there’s a lot of need out there!), but finished by saying that in doing things like this ‘we will find ourselves party to an extraordinary cascade of grace’

Robert Pimm