Marcus Leung’s Baptism

Marcus 2  Marcus came to us for a year as an English language student. From a Christian family in Hong Kong, and the wider family in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, he realized while he was with us that he simply needed to decide for himself if he was going to follow Christ. Our love and acceptance helped apparently!

Plus the support he received over not getting into Bath Uni (he is now at Birmingham). Marcus said, one reason he decided to get baptized was because he discovered God did not fail him even through disappointment and failure. So he wanted to get baptized here at Ascension (he still comes here by coach every couple of months!) – and it happened on 17th April – we didn’t have time to organize a full immersion, but Marcus got very wet indeed!!

His Christian cousin Sandy from Bristol was his sponsor. Baptism – a key Christian moment and Marcus 1mark of belonging to Christ and starting your Christian life with Him.