‘Follow the Star’ – Vicar’s Christmas thought

‘Follow the Star’

Think about the stars……how small they are, how piercingly bright they can be. And there was one star – that some of them spotted, but not many…..a sign in the heavens they say. The Junior School children told us in their Nativity play, celebrating how children around the world celebrate Christmas, how Polish children look out on Christmas Eve as it grows dark. Christmas only begins when the 1st child spots the 1st star -they call it the ‘gwiazdka’ (pronounced something like ‘ooiadstka’! Sorry to any polish speakers!). And yet as the wise men followed the star they came to the one true Lord of all, and bowed in worship, and offered their gifts. In our world of much darkness, there is still only one true Light, the Light of the World. And still many do not spot it, let alone follow it to where it leads. My prayer for us all at Ascension and around us this coming year is that this light may grow stronger among us, and draw more people to the light that is Jesus Christ. May his light rise over us, that many may see the glory of the Lord of all, who loves us more than we know, right here among us. So here comes our verse for 2019….  “Arise, shine; for your light has come, The glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” Isaiah 60.1