‘From your innermost being shall flow rivers of living water’ – Vicar’s thought

‘From your innermost being shall flow rivers of living water’ [1]

Thanks to Sarah Sanderson and all who have helped run our ‘God & Water’ weekly holiday club. Water themes have abounded – from creation through Noah’s Ark, the Exodus through the Red Sea, Jonah and the whale, storms on the sea, to Baptism and the River of Life. It’s been relaxed, fun, time to talk, to meet new people – and of course to get wet! The water-slide in the Church Garden each week was such fun. And today, several are stepping forward to get baptized into Jesus Christ or to affirm their faith in Him. Please pray for each one:

– those young people old enough to commit themselves to follow Jesus getting baptized by full immersion: that they may live for Christ all their lives.

– families bringing their little ones: that their own faith in Christ may envelop their children as they grow up, till the children can make the bap-tism promises for themselves.

– for those affirming their baptism vows for themselves: that as the Lord has graciously brought their faith in Christ alive in recent times, they may continue to be immersed in his love and calling for their lives. And for all of us, that we may continue to drink, draw on the living water that Jesus freely offers through his Holy Spirit to those who come to Him and believe in Him . All this is the work of our Father’s heart of kindness, mercy and love.

[1] John 7.36 [2] Titus 3.4-5