God and Water – Vicar’s weekly thought

God and Water

The 1st thing the Bible tells us [1] is God creates, creates of course the heavens and the earth. The 2nd thing the Bible tells us is that the Spirit of God moves over the face of the what? The waters, the deep waters. And then more creation follows, light is separated from darkness, earth from the sky. Today we start our Summer preaching series ‘God and Water’, linked directly with our Summer Holiday Club ‘Ascension Rocks’ on the same theme. As you read, and re-read perhaps how I opened this piece, what does it speak of to you?    Stir in you?

From almost the first you may see the water as deep and dangerous, and so it is For some reason, from the beginning it has been so (we’ll of course be doing Noah and the flood at Holiday Club!). But even before the water is spoken of we are told God creates, indeed he speaks and he creates and makes new things, things that were not before. Having created the heavens and the earth, the 1st thing he then speaks into being is light. St John opens his Gospel in a similar way, speaking of Jesus as his Word to us and his world:

God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him.

The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. [2]

God still speaks, he still surprises us and creates beautiful things that were not before, brings light where there was darkness and brooding waters. And water, by the end of the Bible becomes the water of life flowing down the street bringing healing to all the nations. I hope and pray that over this summer you will once more discover, along with our children, the loving ability of God to do new things in your life, to bring light in the darkness, and to refresh you with His Living Water.

[1] Genesis 1   [2] John 1. 3-4