God loves me even when …..I forget, and am off course

God loves me even when …..I forget, and am off course

Many of us have had encounters with God, or at least moments when we wonder, when we ask is there more to life that this? Is there something more going on here? We’ll try and explore this stuff today through the story of Moses, and his encounter with a burning bush in some far-flung wilderness. Like him, our encounter may be after many years, or where we’ve pushed such thoughts firmly to the back of our minds.

And most of us also have times when we feel we’ve forgotten what really matters, got off course with where we always intended to go with life – and may even wonder if God has anything to do with that anyway?!.

Finally, most of us still think (if we’re honest) that God is far away and, if He’s there at all, it’s very difficult to know anything about Him. Or that His message if it did come, will be just a weird foreign language to us.

But the truth is,

“The message is very close at hand; 

it is on your lips and in your heart.”1

As Moses found, and I pray you may find today, God is not far away at all. It may be a bit of a shock, but He has by no means forgotten us, or got off course in His love for us. He still reaches out to us – He is still the great ‘I am’, with the cries of our hearts on His heart.

Romans 10.8