God loves me even when…. – The Vicar’s weekly thought

God loves me even when….

This week we are starting a summer series called ‘God loves me even when……’

Many of us wonder if God loves us in all situations, we will cover many of these over the summer weeks. From this week’s ‘I am Small and Broken’ through ‘I am Weak and Afraid’, ‘I follow’, to ‘I am Lost and Sick’, ‘I am Strong’, ‘I lead’, and many others. Each week we will look at the subject and see what the Bible says about how God sees it and us.

Many of us feel as though we are unimportant, we are broken, weak, that our impact for God is small, we feel unloved due to our failings. Jesus talked about being lights to the world but we hardly feel we are more than a tea light glowing dimly for a short time rather than the bright light God wants. We feel that we are not the perfect person God wanted and made. Many of us compare ourselves to others and just see a broken person or a small flickering light compared to the big people and bright lights around us. We then wonder if God can love us at all. The good news is that we are made in His image and He loves us flaws and all. In fact its our weaknesses and strengths that make us the people God made us to be. Our individuality is what makes us valuable to God and his plans. We hope over the summer to help show that Gods love is massive, much bigger than we often think.