Going forward this weeks Vicar’s thought

Going forward

St. Paul wrote in today’s reading, ‘I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me.’ [1] What a strange thing to say! About us possessing perfection, and being possessed by Christ. What does it mean? We’re far from likely to reach perfection, nor am I sure I want to be owned by anyone! Last week at Remembrance we spoke of the immense, immense love of God towards us, from which nothing can separate us, not even the powers of hell. A reluctant convert to Christ was recently writing about the many promises and commitments we seem to be asked to make in our day, but then asked, ‘what if there is a creature of infinite love who has made a promise to us?’ He asked us to ’consider the possibility that we are the ones committed to’, and what is more that it is ‘a commitment to redeem us and bring us home’? [2] As we hear the call of this loving Lord to go forward with Him, both as a Church and in our own lives, to respond to his calling to us – what if He is the One who promises to present us faultless before the throne of grace? What if He is the One who comes to take hold of us with his deep, deep love? Will we not say ‘Yes’ to his ‘Yes’ to us?

[1] Philippians 3.12 [2] David Brooks New York Times Columnist (‘reluctant’ is my interpretation!)