Under 18s

We have a thriving programme for children and young people.

‘We say we want to protect our children, and are dead keen on road safety!….but are we as careful with what we are saying and teaching them about the way to live?!’

We have a strong commitment at Ascension to children and young people.

We recently asked parents in our community….

How carefully do you think about the values your children are picking up? Do you think Christian values might be important for your children?

Might we be the place to learn about those values?

Is Jesus important as the root of the tree?

“ our Families and Children’s Worker,has run a number of events throughout the year including a Light Party, Pancake Party, Ascension Rocks (holiday club) and others. She also does singing with pre-school children, assemblies and clubs at the Oldfield Park Infant School and Oldfield Park Junior School.”

We will be appointing a new worker as soon as we can