Grumbling or Thankful? – Vicar’s weekly thought

Grumbling or Thankful?

Perhaps the world is divided into these 2 camps? Sadly, the English are well known for the former! But actually we’re not the only ones, as you’ll hear today in the story of the Israelites (who incidentally had just been freed from slavery in Egypt no less! How can they grumble?!). But then, as I stop and think for me, I find I really want to be different to that – and different deep down too, so my thankfulness isn’t just dependent on it being a sunny day! Basically I think we fail to see God’s goodness, how under his hand…..

Stuff grows!

Think of a nurseryman, growing his seeds, often under glass. He plants and cares for them well till the tender shoots appear, and then takes yet more care until the plants are stronger and planted out. And even then looks over it all daily until – well the Harvest!! God wants to provide the food and care we really need to grow well. He delights to do this for us, he is tender towards us. So…..

Let’s stop and see….

….beginning today! See what God wants to give us so that we, his tender shoots, may grow right through to harvest, whenever that may be.