Guarding and carrying forward the faith – Vicar’s weekly thought

Guarding and carrying forward the faith

Today’s theme is ‘Mentoring and Accountability’. This may sound like management-speak, but our intention is to recognize the vital importance of being guided in our faith, and the responsibility we have to each other for encouragement along the way. One of Jesus’ first actions was to form a group of disciples, who he was to teach over 3 years, and who in turn were sent out to teach others. And everywhere in the New Testament we see the call for Christians to mutually support, encourage and serve each other – even before they set out to serve others.

Let me ask you: Who has inspired or taught you as a Christian?

How important was and is that, and why?

And then: How do you get on as a Christian without the encouragement, support (and challenge!) of fellow Christians? Do these supportive relationships happen by accident?

Finally: Is any of this optional?

St Paul calls us to ‘submit to one another out of reverence for Christ’ [1] . That may mean parents, important figures in our lives, those who lead and inspire us, or just our dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

[1] Ephesians 5.21