Hope Bearers – Vicar’s weekly thought

Hope Bearers

Where are we to go when times are hard? When light seems in short supply? I shed a tear this week just over the fact I had a simple plate of food in front of me. How silly is that!? On Christmas Eve we will have our Christingle service at 6 pm here at Ascension. The church will be plunged into darkness, but for the single candle still alight at the front of the church. Then, with the words of Jesus, ”I am the light of the World; whoever follows me will have the light of life, and will never walk in darkness,”we will pass the light one by one around all the people, and it will light up our faces. As Christians we have discovered a deep and lasting joy that is dependent on the God who has deep tenderness and mercy towards us2, whatever our circumstances. It is a faith founded in the humble coming of Jesus as a baby for us, as one of us, his death for the sins of the whole world on a cross, and his resurrection to new life. It is a faith founded on something nothing the world throws at us can destroy, although it will try its worst. As followers of this ‘baby who changed the world’, we carry this precious hope like a great treasure in a clay jar. We carry it for each other, bringing it to those around us, with great joy – as Hope Bearers.

1 John 8.12   2 James 5.11