‘How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring Good News’ – Vicar’s weekly thought

‘How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring Good News’ [1]

Some of us were with Archbishop Justin Welby in the Diocese this week. One thing we heard him say was how we all need to be ‘captured afresh by the love of Jesus for us’. This message of Christ’s love is Good News he said – and he added, “and the Good News of Jesus Christ is increasingly news, new news!”

This could not apply more to our the question of ‘Dealing with the need to Forgive’ our theme for this Remembrance Sunday.

Forgiveness is hard, it can mean taking many steps. Sometimes we may not even know quite what or who we need to forgive, we may just be angry. Others consider forgiveness an insult, for it suggests we ignore the realities of the wrongs done to us. The trouble is failure to forgive will bind each of us up inside, and also cause more new hurts and wrongs between people – “You owe me!”, “That’s tit for tat”, etc! Forgiveness is unfair, because it can be so one-sided. But forgiveness also breaks the log jam, and releases Good News. And in our day of what seems increasing anger, we really need Good News like this! Christian people need to stand not for more anger, more ‘us and them’, but for the place of kindness, generosity, patience, self-control. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ forgave his enemies right to the end, but his death and resurrection have released untold amounts of good things like these. Will you stand with Jesus Christ in our day, trust Him deeply, and follow Him with all your heart too? Even if this includes treading the hard road of dealing with the need to forgive?

1 Isaiah 52.7