I believe in Jesus – Vicar’s thoughts for Half Term

I believe in Jesus

2 more of Jesus amazing ‘I AM’ sayings over these 2 weeks of half term, and just the simplest of thoughts…..

‘I AM the Good Shepherd’ ‘He walks ahead of His sheep, and they follow Him because they know his voice’ [1]. As we press on following Christ, will we continue to listen to His voice each day of our lives? There are plenty of other voices, but there is but one Good Shepherd – do you believe this? And as we grow as the Body of Christ, His flock here, will we together let Him guide and lead us to the pastures he wants, through the dangerous places, calming our fears as we go, letting His never-failing love and goodness reach out to us – do you believe Jesus will do this?

‘I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life’ Do you believe and trust completely in Jesus as the Way to follow, the Truth we can completely rely on, and the giver of Life as Our Father in heaven means it to be? Perhaps today is the first day you will answer ‘Yes’ to that question and commit
yourself to follow Jesus? These are quite some promises, some bedrock statements. And then, to live by them daily, to learn what they mean in our heads, hearts and experience is something we need to commit ourselves to doing deep down on an ongoing basis. Jesus says, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.” [2] He is more than willing teach us
how to trust Him as we go!

[1] John 10.4 [2] John 14.1