In Jesus all our hopes are met – Vicar’s weekly thought

In Jesus all our hopes are met

The world is full of terrible and destructive things, from Jesus’ own death on the cross, through the events of this week in Manchester, to the things that are robbed from us individually. How then can we hope in anything? And yet as we celebrate Christ’s Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost we proclaim that Jesus has broken all the powers of death and destruction and has poured out the living waters of abundant life. Anyone who has experienced Christ’s forgiveness and the power of his Holy Spirit coming will know that they have encountered a force of love and goodness that is greater than all that destroys – indeed always brings nothing but peace and joy, even if it is sometimes with tears. As human beings, our deepest hopes are many. But as we come and put our faith in Jesus Christ and ask to be filled with his Spirit, we find this risen ascended One truly is the giver of life, and who meets all our thirsts in the deepest ways through our lifetimes.