It’s so easy to miss it! – Vicar’s Weekly Thought

It’s so easy to miss it!

We all know the feeling – bother I just missed it! The goal scored as you looked away at the wrong moment, the question not asked when you had the opportunity. Or sometimes more serious things, the wrong thing said that wrecks a relationship for a long time, the teenager you failed to consistently be kind to and has now left home.

Today we hear a story of 2 sisters and the day Jesus visited their house [1] – one of them realized the importance or taking time out to sit and listen to what Jesus was saying, the other thought having everything sorted and just right in the house mattered more (by the way it was alright, Jesus sorted things with the 2nd sister a bit later!). The trouble is we’re a bit prone to missing the moment, and that may particularly apply to when God is speaking to us!

A prophet in the Old Testament [2] heard God say rather sadly, “The more I called to you, the further you moved away from me”. And God went on, “He doesn’t know or even care that it was I who took care of him” – mothers might echo those words sometimes! Perhaps, just perhaps, it
might be good to spend time hanging out around Jesus and really listening to what he has to say. He has an immense care for us that he wants to share with us, and if we don’t stop and take that time with him we may always just miss it……
[1] Yes, you may have guessed it, Mary & Martha [2] Hosea 11.2 & 3