Jesus asked, “But who do you say I Am?” – Vicar’s weekly Thought

Jesus asked, “But who do you say I Am?”

So, we’ve heard many things Jesus said about himself – the one who simply says I Am. To name a few, I Am the Good Shepherd, the Light of the world, the Gate, the Resurrection and the Life; and in Advent we’ve pondered His saying I Am the Messiah, the Son of Man, the Son of God.
These names are deep, beautiful, and of course challenging…… Are they true? What reality do they speak of? Today, as we come to towards the end of Advent, we simply hear the question Jesus put to his 1st disciples. hey’d heard what others had said about Jesus, and now he asks them, “But who do you say I Am?” I think Jesus is not seeking to do them down as he asks this question, but to invite them to faith in Him and to live their lives in the light of who He really is. Yes, we all have to answer that question but, as He asks us too, Jesus welcomes us with hope in his eye – and great love. As Archbishop Justin Welby said this week, his continuing faith in Jesus Christ gives him great hope – born as a baby, and growing into the man on the cross who then rose from death and ascended to heaven. Hope even in dark and difficult times, in Justin’s own life, for us as a society and nation, and indeed across the world. As we approach Christmas, may we discover the joy of following Him, even if that is not always easy.