Life in the middle of death – Vicar’s weekly thought

Life in the middle of death

As we approach Easter (after what seems like a long Lent!) we read of something extraordinary – Jesus doing something which speaks of his own amazing, glorious, life-giving resurrection to come – the raising of his great friend Lazarus from the dead (and occasionally there are still reports of such events around the Christian world…..). In the midst of the ‘normal’ things of death, grief, upset, anger, despair, questioning of why, Jesus suddenly brings life! In great challenge to our faith too, Jesus says, “Didn’t I tell you that you would see God’s glory if you believe?”

You and I, we all, struggle with the things of ‘death’: sorrow, devastation, all that drags us down, as well as the eventual loss of physical life. Far from being immune to all this, Jesus was about to suffer all these anguishes sorrows for himself, till he too was laid in the tomb. But in the raising of Lazarus, Jesus shows us that his grace, his love, his power conquers everything. His life comes among us by his Holy Spirit today, and if we will but believe, every day, we too can find just how amazing is His power and grace. Let us pray that we may know his abundant joyful life present in us over and over again, bringing life and hope in the middle of a world full of so much that brings only death.