‘Listening and understanding others’ Vicar’s weekly thought

‘Listening and understanding others’

We all think we listen to others but mostly we only hear what we want to hear and our own  interests are often getting in the way of really understanding what we are hearing. For a large part of my life I didn’t really listen to others unless we were talking about History or Wargames. I wasn’t interested in their lives and what was going on for them. But then few people could hear past the stuff I was talking about to understand the real me. In our Samuel reading [1] Samuel didn’t understand the voice he was hearing and what it meant, it took a while to gain the understanding needed to really listen. In Luke [2] Jesus spends time listening to others, to learn and to understand, even though this meant missing out on leaving with His parents. Often listening takes time and sacrifice if we are to understand what the person is saying to us. Listening is also a gift to others, because it helps them understand what they are trying to share. So this week try to give the time to really listen to someone, give of yourself in love.
[1] 1 Samuel 3.1-10 [2] Luke 2.46