Listening to God – Vicar’s weekly thought

Relating to God – Relating to others

Listening to God

Stop and listen! You may be surprised at what you hear. When Jesus walked on earth even large crowds stopped to listen, give him their attention – this week I read of one crowd doing that for 3 days solid! It’s not that there’s not much to hear, contrary to what we might think. The scriptures, the worship, the prayer, the reflections, even the silence (especially?). All these are places where we may begin to understand what the same Lord Jesus may be asking us to, shaping us towards in what we are becoming under his grace. It is not some weird ‘voice from heaven’ (although occasionally you never know!). It is us, stopping, sitting at Jesus’ feet and, well, listening!

This is the 2nd in our new preaching series

‘Relating to God – Relating to others’ where we take a deeper look at how these relationships, key to us all, work through in our lives