Listening to God – Weekly Thought

Listening to God

The sun has come out and it feels like spring (whether we get more snow we’ll have to see!) With spring comes new life – flowers, butterflies, baby animals, for a few in the church new babies, and hope. The spring and the sun, somehow lifts us up, makes life easier. On Sunday we are looking at how God’s voice brings life. When we spend time to hear what God says,
situations that seem hopeless, difficult and hard, change. What seems impossible become possible. Sometimes the situation changes and other times it’s that our perspective changes – instead of our perspective it becomes His perspective. We can hear God in many ways: while we pray, reading the bible, a dream, a word from a friend, a feeling etc. On Sunday we are going to
spend time listening to the hope that God brings in creative ways, so be ready to be surprised by the life in God’s voice!