Love Bath

Love Bath

The day when Churches across Bath come together on Sunday morning in the open air to worship together, celebrate the opportunities to serve our City, and to have a lot of fun. Yes, this year Sarah, Lizzie and Zoe were serving free Marshfield Ice Cream to all and sundry.

This year it seemed so much joined up so well. 2 bands of musicians joined up to play in harmony, we heard about ‘Family Matters’ (work with the Government’s Troubled Families initiative), and a fresh parenting initiative ‘The Logic of Love’ (I think that’s right!). Our Vicar Robert spoke on ‘The Love Core’, how we need that planted in us by Christ out of which then springs all we do in his name. It was also Father’s Day to which so much of all that related. Then many of the ministers prayed. And the whole thing wasn’t too long! There was a very light shower, but even the rain then kept off to the end.

Some Pictures

Love Bath 5 Love Bath 4 Love Bath 3 Love Bath 2 Love Bath 1

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