My moments in history — Vicar’s weekly thought 27th Jan

My moments in history

Can you recall a moment in your life when you suddenly ‘heard’ the Word of God speaking to you from the words of the Bible? You may not know he Bible well, but that doesn’t mean that one day something very important suddenly cannot become clear to you from what you hear in the Bible (and then you’ll become thirsty for more!). Many people haven’t a clue what I’m on about, but countless thousands have suddenly had their eyes opened! It can be quite a shock, although always a very joyful shock! “Well, I never, I wasn’t expecting that!” The famous Gideons society are with us today, and will doubtless have stories of people being impacted in just this way; and right throughout the world as they’ve
opened the Bibles left for free in hotel rooms and other places. But what about you, here in Oldfield Park? Pray that the Holy Spirit will open the power of the Word of God to you soon, again, whenever….. And strangely it’s not just about your personal history. We’ll hear 2 stories from the Bible today of moments when the Scriptures have affected the course of
a nation’s life as well as the individuals there at the time of the stories. Some countries have for this reason banned the Bible, even in our day!