New freedom….. – Vicar’s weekly thought 15th April

New freedom…..

You can almost watch it happen! Someone decides they will follow Jesus Christ, will accept his forgiveness, will be known by his name, will learn to be his disciple – and they start to change….. good things start to grow, which others can see too. Sin and our weaknesses are no light thing, they tend to disrupt, hamper, limit our lives – sometimes cause downright destruction! But Jesus carved through death a way to freedom, to new life. After His resurrection, that morning on the beach with his friend but failed disciple Peter1, Jesus compassionately forgave and restored him. Later Peter was to be fully filled with the Holy Spirit and to take on things he’d never imagined, and not least to tend and feed others. Discipleship is a life-long calling, and change (from the inside out) is life-long too, but it is a beautiful thing in which we are helped by the compassion and power of Christ. Let us walk that way, invite Jesus to forgive and change us too so that we may ‘live under the freedom of God’s grace’2.

John 21.15-19  Romans 6.14