New thinking about Jesus – Vicar’s weekly thought

New thinking about Jesus

One day, Jesus invited anyone who was weary, carrying heavy burdens, to come to Him – first for real rest, but then to learn His ways, from Him. that was recorded in Matthew’s gospel ch 11 v 28-29. Or as one translation puts the last bit, to then ‘Walk with me and work with me –
watch how I do it’ [1] . Today we are asking each other to look at Jesus’ own pattern of life. But that’s not easy really. I find I have my own set ideas of how Jesus was, what I thought he said was important – I find it difficult to stand back from how I thought I saw it, to see what he was really like as he went about with His disciples showing them his way. As Jesus said on
another occasion, ‘New wine calls for new wine skins’, explaining that old wineskins would simply burst from the pressure if filled with new wine! [2]
We have a story today [3] of Jesus going home with a recent new disciple Matthew, having dinner at his house with many ‘disreputable characters’ and it seems rather enjoying the evening. What would have it been like to have been there? What would it have said about Jesus and how he wanted us to live? It was shortly followed by Jesus talking about  wedding celebrations and new wine…… with Jesus there’s a lot of new wine around! Will you let Jesus show you something about his new wine today? Will you go from here determined to walk and work with Jesus and see afresh how He does it!!?
[1] The Message version [2] Matthew 9.17 [3] Matthew 9.9-13