new way of seeing today – Vicar’s weekly thought

 new way of seeing today

We are thinking about our ‘Daily Life and Mission’ today, so please bring your daily life before  the Lord in worship and prayer. As the feeding of the 5,000 unfolded, Jesus said to his 1st disciples, “You feed them”1. Of course they couldn’t, but then he broke bread and gave it to his disciples to pass on to the crowd – so they were involved after all! We are called to ‘go into all the world’2 each day of our lives. What will we feed to others? Well don’t be too worried about that, the Lord has made you who you are, with the gifts and experience of Him that you have (not the person next to you has!). We, in our own individual way, will pass on the bread we have been given by Jesus, in some ways almost without knowing. And remember, the Lord loves those you are with each day every bit as much as He loves you! Indeed He may have been speaking to them already in their lives and situations. If we can see this, we will have a different take on what happens each day. We will begin to hold before the Lord a bit more what we have seen and heard, the people we have met. It may be tough sometimes3, but then find we can still love and pray. We start to learn to hold people and situations in our hearts4 and seek God’s wisdom – through prayer and reading his Word. We will start to hear more in our spirits about how God sees things, and grow in confidence as Christian people as we do this (confidence was last week’s ‘Christian maturity’ theme!).


Matthew 14.16     Matthew 28.19     We read today, ‘Be patient in trouble and keep on praying’         Perhaps your ‘5 people’ -see Pledge2Pray