New Wine

New Wine

Week 2 – 31st July – Sat 6th August- Day tickets for children’s group activities are still available online – you can purchase them in advance or on the day. For organizational purposes and to avoid disappointment, says Bev Samways, early bookings would be preferable! The New Wine website says ‘There’s plenty of fun and great Christ-inspired activities to cater for kids and their families – you’ll be offered top-quality, tailored kids’ care across both of our National Gatherings.’ Day Tickets range from Free (age 0-4) to £17.50 (age 5-18) Adults £27.50 under the Week 2 section at

Important: Wednesday 3rd Aug is the ‘day-off’ so don’t book for then! also evening-only tickets are available.

Come for the week? – There’s still just time to join the party going. Such refreshing & envisioning times, plus great fun & friendship. (please contact Bev Samways  to join our group)

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