People of the story – No. 4 Hannah – Vicar’s weekly thought

People of the story – No. 4 Hannah

Today we will hear the Old Testament story of a mother – Hannah. She was the mother of Samuel the great prophet and judge, who anointed the 1st two kings in Israel, Saul and then the great David. She was a mother who lived through great heart-ache, mocking and misunderstanding – she even had a husband who thought he was God’s gift! But she prayed, she cried out to God, long and hard. The Lord heard her prayers and the result was Samuel! Now Hannah understood that her child really was no less that God’s gift and she went on to give him back to the Lord, as an act of worship ‘to belong to the Lord for his whole life’ [1] . Here at Ascension we delight in ‘our’ children, all who come with their parents to find the ways of the Lord. For in turn we pray these children will teach and bring their children to the Lord – ‘from generation to generation’ (the title of our services today) . We are all in God’s care, and he calls all of us adults and children alike, from every nation indeed. We want to see the children dance and play before the Lord (and even to dance with them!) under our thankful and prayerful eyes in celebration of God’s unfailing love to us all – shown through another child born to us, Jesus Christ, son of Mary.

[1] 1 Samuel 1.28