PEOPLE of the STORY – our new preaching series

PEOPLE of the STORY – our new preaching series through

Lent & Easter.

We’ve had a long series on ‘Relating to God – Relating to others’ which has covered many practical, and often demanding (!) topics. We now turn to hear the stories of people involved in the New Testament (except for Hannah). We too are ‘People of the Story’ 2,000 years later, so we hope this series will resonate with you, and some of you may have your own stories to tell!


5th His Story – Our Story The Temptations  – Matthew 4.1-11

12th Nicodemus  – John 3.1-17

19th The Woman at the Well  – John 4.5-42

26th Hannah  (Mothering Sunday)  – 1 Samuel 1


2nd Lazarus  – John 11.1-45

9th The Crowd  (Palm Sunday)  – Matthew 21.1-11 & 27.11-26

Hi Is Risen

16th We are a Resurrection People  (Easter Day)  – Matthew 28.1-10

23rd Thomas  – John 20.19-29

30th The two on the  Emmaus Road  – Luke 24.13-35


NB – Sermons are now recorded – and are readily available on our web-site or please just ask for a download or CD.

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