Quite some bread! – Vicar’s weekly thought

Quite some bread!

Most of us love the smell of bread! Many supermarkets deliberately bake it on site to induce a feel good factor. Well, we hope you enjoy the smell of bread here today baked and shared by the children! But then Jesus did say, “I am the bread of life”….. Indeed just before the day he said those words, he’d famously fed the crowd of 5,000 or more with bread and fish. Well now, that crowd was Jewish, and they understood the bit in their history where Moses had fed them with bread too. You may have heard of ‘manna’ yourself – bread miraculously provided by heaven when they were hungry in the desert. So they understood Jesus wasn’t just going to become their expert local baker! For bread, however wonderful it is, doesn’t last very long (foodies take note!). No he was talking about bread that ‘that really feeds your lasting life’ as we’ve translated it today. He went on to talk about the people eating Him, not loaves of bread. They, and we, might well ask what does that mean?! Jesus explained, “The person who lines themselves up with me won’t ever hunger or thirst.” Do this, he said, and you will enter real life as his Father in Heaven intends it to be. Listen to me, he says, and you will see and hear what this real life is about. A phrase I love from today’s words of Jesus reads, “My part is to put them (you) on their feet alive and whole at the completion and end of time.” This is some bread! Do we understand Jesus’ generosity here? We call each other at Harvest time to be generous, and Jesus says to each of us first receive my generosity to you. I came to give you the Bread of Life.  

 All quotes from John 6