Relating to God – Relating to Others – Vicar’s weekly thought

Relating to God – Relating to Others

‘Love is the fulfilling of the law’

Today we set off on our new Autumn theme ‘Relating to God – Relating to Others’. We also set off in a number of new directions!:

 those who were baptized, had their children baptized, or who affirmed their baptism faith last week (wasn’t it a wonderful moment!) began a new day, a new direction in their lives.

 Our refreshed and renewed hall re-opens today as ‘Ascension Gateway’, we are praying many will be blessed in lots of ways by coming here.

 James Rogers from Bath Youth for Christ begins a new ministry with us helping our young people forward in the Christian faith.

 We are all invited to come on the Lee Abbey weekend away (7-9 Oct) and be ‘Renewed, Refreshed, Resourced’, to see what refreshment and renewal does for each of us!

We hope each new direction will help deepen and expand each of our relationships with God, and with those around us. The love of God really is deeper than we imagine, and we pray this may be a season of discovery for us all. One of our collects for today, reflecting the words of Jesus, summarizes it well:

Love is the fulfilling of the law: grant that we may love you with our whole heart and our neighbours as ourselves.