Robert’s YouTube video for November 4th 2020

Good morning all,

Sadly with the new lockdown we will no longer be in church on Sundays
for a while again, We will be back on line then for now, but …….

……. very unfortunately my laptop completely died on the day we came
back, on which we depend for doing Sunday worship! A new one is sitting
beside me, but needs setting up in time for putting out this week’s
worship. So please pray the set up of the new one will happen smoothly.

So… consequence is I’ve have had to record my morning reflection
on my phone, and it has meant doing it in 3 parts (I’ve since worked out
how to do it in one go, so hopefully tomorrow…)

Here are the 3 links to watch in order. It’s a message a really felt
called to bring, so please work through it despite the difficulties.
It’s about building our house on the Rock!



Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –