Seed planting for Heaven – Vicar’s weekly thought

Seed planting for Heaven

On our 1st trip to Kondoa in Tanzania in 2006 I remember a woman coming up to me outside a Church in a remote village and offering me a woven bowl of seed (I was about to speak on the Parable of the Sower so it seemed quite a confirmation!). Asking why she did this, it was explained that people are so poor they cannot give money, but will instead often give seed to their own and visiting pastors.


So they can plant it and get their own harvest of course!! In that simple action, which is forever in my soul, that woman was telling more truth about the Kingdom of Heaven than she knew. As a leader of one of our parish weekends put it (himself an ex-farmer), “If you leave the sack of seed on the shelf it won’t grow!”

As we’ll explain today, our relationship with Kondoa in those early day of their Diocese (started in 2001) was a real struggle, but seed planted then is now bearing lasting fruit. As Jesus made clear in his parable, not all seed will grow of course, often due to our own responses. But God invites us to generously plant it anyway! And what about the crop, the fruit? In itself it may not always look very grand, but it has a touch of heaven – in faith it speaks of the love and hope found in our Lord Jesus Christ beyond what we yet see. Christianity is like that, heaven touches earth as God works among us and in us. But it also speaks of glories yet to come. Be encouraged by what has happened in Kondoa, and keep planting!