Current sermons – we only keep  8 on here at any time so you have around 2 months to listen to the newest one at the top and very little time for the ones at the bottom.

“I disown and do not forgive” from God Loves even when …. by Clare  20th August

“I Struggle and Doubt” from God Loves Me Even when…. by Robert.  13th August

“I Lead” from God Loves even when… by Richard Wilson.  6th August

” I Grieve” from God Loves Me even when… by Clare   30th July

“I am Strong” from God Loves me Even when.. by Chris.   23rd July

“I’m lost and sick”  from God loves me even when  by Robert 16th July

” I Follow” from God loves me even when…. by Chris  9th July

“I am Weak and Afraid” from God Loves me even when…… by Clare Hudson.   25th June

Seed Planting (Tanzania Update) Part 1 – Robert Pimm – 18th June 2017

Seed Planting (Tanzania Update) Part 2 – Robert Pimm – 18th June 2017

“I’m Small and Broken ” from God loves me even when….. by Chris Brann,   11th JUne



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  1. Mandy

    Lovely sermon Clare. (Seasons of Life). I remember during a winter period in my life, I was in Wales walking along the coast path and I found a little church called St.Brides, so I went in. I was drawn to one of the windows there which was of the Good Shepherd holding a little lamb on His shoulder, and it brought comfort to me.

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