Current sermons – we only keep  8 on here at any time so you have around 2 months to listen to the newest one at the top and very little time for the ones at the bottom.

“Jesus said I AM… the Son of God” from Jesus said I AM… by Claire Hudson,

“Jesus said I am the Son of Man” from Jesus said I am….  by Robert Pimm

“I AM the Messiah” from Jesus said I AM…… by Chris

“I Am Jesus who you are Persecuting” from Jesus saying “I AM…. “- by Robert

“Remembrance Sunday” by Robert Pimm,

“I AM the resurection and the life” from Jesus said “I AM……” by Clare Hudson.

“I am the way, the truth, the life” from Jesus saying I AM by Robert Pimm

“I AM the Gate” from Jesus saying I AM….. by Robert Pimm

“Shoebox Sunday” by Canon Sue Farrance.

“I AM the bread of life” from Jesus saying I AM by Chris Brann,